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Selected Works in Progress & Working Papers

Epidemics, Mental Health and Public Trust.

with Jérôme Adda and Raouf Boucekkine

The Long Reach of Infectious Diseases.

with Florian Bonnet, Adriana Lleras Muney, Dahai Yue

Understanding geographic disparities in mortality overtime in France, 1975-2019

with Florian Bonnet, Adriana Lleras Muney, Dahai Yue

Mortality and later outcomes in opposite sex and same sex twins

with Anne-Sophie Robilliard  

Reminders, Learning and Preventive care: evidence from a randomized field experiment

with Hamidou Niangaly, Nouhoum Touré and Panic Research Group

Land Use, biodiversity patterns, and the emergence of zoonotic diseases

with Emmanuelle Augeraud Veron, Rodolphe Desborde, and Raouf Boucekkine

An integrated parenting, nutrition and malaria prevention package to improve early child development. 

with N. H. Diarra et al. 

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