2020: Principal Investigator, ANR 20-COVI-0027 


2020: Principal Investigator, International Emerging Action, IEA-CNRS


2019: Co-Principal Investigator, PRC CNRS-JSPS


2017-2018: Principal Investigator, African Development Bank


2014-2018: Co-Investigator, SIEF (The strategic impact evaluation fund) -World Bank here

2014-2018: Co-Investigator, ANR - PANIC

2013: Labex Dynamite for a pluridisciplinar Seminar in Health

2013: Principal Investigator, Agence Régionale de la Santé Océan Indien - French
Regional Health Agency, Indian Ocean.
Ethical review made by Inserm (IORG0003254, FWA00005831), IRBs EC French Institute of Medical Research and Health (Decision 14-137).

2012: Principal Investigator, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Young Researcher
Founding Program.
Ethical review made by Bamako University/ FMPOS IRBs EC (Decision 10-59).

2009-2012: Principal Investigator, Blood Transfusion safety in France, WHO (World
Health Organization) Europe

2009-2011: Co-Investigator, Sterile Insect Technique Project, Ministère de la Santé -


2009-2011: Co-Investigator, FP-7. Research area: HEALTH-2007-3.2-8 (2009-2012):
EuroDRG, Project reference: 223300.

2011: Co-Investigator, West Africa Malaria Initiative - Capacity building.

2009: Principal Investigator, Young Researcher Founding Program, French School of
Public Health, France.

2007: Principal Investigator, Fondation Rodolphe & Christophe Mérieux. Ethical review made by Bamako University/ FMPOS IRBs EC (Decision 65).



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