Working Papers:


Disease and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in
With Kuecken M, Valfort M-A. R&R.


Pauvreté, Egalité, Mortalité: Mortality (In)Equality in France and the US. [NBER] [CEPR]

With Currie J. and Schwandt H. Under Review.


Mortality and Macroeconomic Conditions: is France different?

With Brüning M. Under Review.



Policy Papers:


"Money & Mosquitoes: the economics of malaria in an age of declining aid". 2018.

African Development Bank Policy Research Documents.

With Maskin E., Monga C., Berthélemy J-C.



Book Chapters:


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With  Sissoko M, Toure O, Kamate P, Berthélemy J, Doumbo O.



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